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An initiative for interdisciplinary research at the intersection of computer science, data science and statistics, neuroscience and psychology in Magdeburg.

We aim at providing a forum for interdisciplinary research at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg organized by Max Happel (Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology), Claudia Kirch (Department of Mathematics), Frederik Kramer (InitOS) and Georg Krempl (Faculty of Computer Science):


Workshop October 18th 2017:

Richard Höchenberger: webtaste: Online taste sensitivity estimation that runs in your browser

Kerstin Reckrühm (IMST, OvGU): On the detection of multiple changes

Alexandra Carpentier (IMST, OvGU): Sequential learning for brain computer interfaces enhancement


Workshop May 31st 2017:

Max Happel (LIN): Chronic multichannel recordings in learning rodents: challenges and open questions

Ivan Bykov (LIN): Machine learning in electrophysiological data analysis

Georg Krempl (FIN): Machine learning with limited supervision

Alexander Meier (IMST): Bayesian nonparametric time series analysis

Michael Hanke (FNW/IfP): Open tools and data for studying the brain under natural conditions

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Aida Hajizadeh (LIN): Computational modeling of information processing in human auditory cortex

Christina Stöhr (IMST): Detecting changes in the covariance structure of functional time series with fMRI data in view

Heiner Zille / Sanaz Mostaghim (FIN): Methods of computational intelligence


Workshop March 28th 2017:

Claudia Kirch: Detektion von Nicht-Stationaritäten und strukturellen Brüchen

Joachim Haenicke: Neurobionik: Das Insektenhirn als Inspirationsquelle für die Architektur künstlicher neuronaler Netze

Thomas Rost: Modellierung neuronaler Variabilitätsdynamik

Frederik Kramer (initOS): Datenbank-Management und Open Source

Georg Krempl (KMD): Data Mining-Ansätze und Active Learning


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